Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rebecca watkins Rebecca watkins
1st time only 3 minors
I cannot thank Daren enough for everything, first time with 3 minors! His way of teaching was brilliant, and helped me to learn quickly but throughly! The semi-intensive course is one i would reccomend highly, the lessons work around your schedual, and also a pace your comfortable which i found amazing! He led me to have the confidence to feel safe and enjoy driving! Definitely would reccomend to anyone learning to drive!

Markus Rieks Markus Rieks
Passed 1st time
I have to say a massive thanks to Daren. He was always professional. Great instructior.

Ellen JefferiesEllen Jefferies
I passed
Thanks Daren, not only was I really well prepared for my driving test but I felt confident driving on my own afterwards. The confidence Daren gave me has meant I enjoy driving and feel safe!

Jenny BellJenny Bell
I can’t believe it
I feel so fortunate to have had Daren as my driving instructor. His teaching style is assertive but kind and his unflappable nature will allow you to make mistakes without feeling out of control. He has a passion (and a license) for driving anything with a motor, from a fire engine to a plane. Apart from his fantastic teaching ability, he is also a lovely guy to spend time and chat with, this is important when you are spending 20+ hours in a car with someone. Like many on this page, I passed first time with three minors so his reputation says it all. Thanks Daren!

Elliot Town Elliot Town
I can’t believe it
Honestly, really great instructor, chill, professional and all round a genuine personality. Thanks to the lessons I confidently passed 1st time with only 2 minors. Daren let’s you know exactly what you need to work on and how to do so with clarity, never felt like a second was waisted. I would definitely recommend to anyone in need of a quality instructor. Thanks again for putting up with me!

Isabel Morton Isabel Morton
I passed
So happy to have passed, all thanks to Daren being a supportive and enthusiastic instructor. He gave me loads of encouragement and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Couldn’t of done it without you
I cannot thank Daren enough He is patient calm and incredibly knowledgeable Absolutely brilliant.

Emma syerEmma syer
What can I say about Daren
What can I say about Daren? At 32 years old, I almost believed I’d never drive. I had gone out of my way, for 15 years to ensure I didn’t need to drive. I strongly believe now that with any other instructor even had I passed I would still be going out of my way to avoid driving. There’s no doubt that Daren is a sadist, he will push you to conquer the things you’re scared of. He is a teacher, he will let you make mistakes if it’s safe, so that you’ll learn from them. He is unflappable, which helps when you are not. And he put up with a lot of swearing, with no judgment, which was a bonus. Most of all, he won’t just give you the knowledge you’ll need to drive. Eventually gears, indicating and roundabouts will become second nature.

The wisdom he imparts, about when to apply what you know, to situations you face is absolutely the reason you should choose him. He won’t just teach you to pass a test, he teaches you to be unflappable on your own. I cannot thank him enough. I wouldn’t say it has revolutionised my life just yet, but it’s changed my outlook on driving, the opportunities it brings and the sense of accomplishment and freedom it holds. I can’t thank you enough, I never thought the words safe calm and confident would feature next to the sentence of how I feel about driving. But they do. Though I still swear a lot!

Hazel GundryHazel Gundry
I've passed
Finally got there! "I have had the best time learning to drive with Daren. The fact that I passed first time with just over 30 hours of lessons and no previous driving experience just goes to show what an amazing job he has done! He was always patient and calm, making me feel at ease and confident while driving. But, most importantly for me, all of my lessons were genuinely enjoyable and fun (we spent most of the time laughing at my driving commentary). He was really flexible with when I had my lessons- perfect for me to fit around my other commitments. I really enjoyed learning to drive, despite thinking it would be a scary and nerve-wracking process, as Daren was so supportive and encouraging the whole way! I would 110% recommend learning to drive with Daren." Huge, huge thanks again! Hazel

Holly jefferiesHolly jefferies
First time only 3 minors
I couldn’t be more thankful to Daren for the time and effort he dedicated to getting me ready for my test. The best word to describe him as an instructor is patient - both in the car and with my absolutely horrific organisational skills!! He made sure everything was done at a speed I could manage, whilst pushing me to drive as well as I could, and found some interesting (and perhaps slightly strange) ways to make sure I could remember and understand what I needed to do! But that’s what made my driving experience so good - I spent 90% of my lessons laughing, and that was exactly what I needed! Thank you so so much once again!!

Oli smith Oli smith
So happy
I am so chuffed to pass I can't thank Daren enough he is very patient and a great instructor Combining the book and DVD with the in car instruction really helps it make sense Thanks again.

Jamie Barnes Jamie Barnes
1 minoo
After failing my test a few years ago I decided it was time to try again. After Darens great instruction and teaching I managed to finally pass with just one minor fault! I was very happy with the way he taught me the manoeuvres and the general driving skills I needed to pass and I would recommend him as an instructor to anyone. Thank you for everything and the fantastic experience!

Mollie Keane Mollie Keane
1st time
I started learning to drive as soon as I turned 17, but didn't get on well with two different instructors and ended up hating driving! I had a break for a few years and came across Daren's website. I contacted him and he advised I passed my theory first and then start lessons. From my first lesson I immediately felt at ease and Daren's guidance has given me the confidence to become a competent driver! I would recommended Daren to anybody, the lessons have been great fun and I look forward to doing the pass plus course! I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without Daren's support and patience! I shall miss our discussions of what we're having for dinner!! Thank you!

Lewis Thomas Lewis Thomas
1st time
I would just like to say thank you so much for your help; your learning techniques are fantastic and you made me feel comfortable while driving which is important while learning to drive, and I will miss driving your car 😊

Vicky Bucknall Vicky Bucknall
I've passed
Hi Daren, hope this is okay. After learning to drive on and off the past 19yrs and always feeling I wouldn't be any good at it, I decided back in January 2016 to give it another go and boy am I glad I did... I found Daren's contact details on LDC website, called him to enquire and explained to him how I had tried other instructors before but didn't really get very far in my driving and that I was quite a nervous driver, instantly he made me feel at ease. The lessons were structured well and he didn't mind how many times you wanted to practice something, I got to choose some of the routes and he would always give you pointers to find material to work on when you weren't having a lesson. I would recommend Daren to anyone, it was a pleasure to have him as my instructor and wish I had done it a lot sooner and not waited 19yrs to get on the road.

Kieran Turner Kieran Turner
Passed first time with no driving faults
Absolutely great what can I say awesome instructor.

Rebecca Aquino Rebecca Aquino
Just two minors
All I can say is what a journey! It has taken 2 years of continuous lessons with 3 different instructors. Daren is truely one of a kind. We have been through many ups and downs together throughout my driving experience. He never gave up on me even when I felt like I would never pass. In the end I passed with only 2 minors! Daren is such a lovely guy and after 2 other instructors I found him and I knew he was the one. We had a laugh together but he is always incredibly patient and professional at the same time. I would 100% recommend Daren to anyone looking for driving lessons. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Conner Whiteside Conner Whiteside
Darren is a teacher, his methods work brilliantly. He increases not only your skills behind the wheel, but also your confidence whilst driving. He allows you to learn and is calm, which allowed me to be calm also. A definite recommendation!

Jack GingerJack Ginger
Yes I've done it
Daren has been a fantastic teacher, guiding me through all stages of driving, making me feel completely comfortable on the roads and around other road users. As well as teaching me the core principles of driving, Daren always gives me extra advice in situations so now that I have passed I am a much more aware and intelligent driver. Will be coming back for pass plus!

Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
Passed first time
I can't thank you enough you are a brilliant instructor and I would recommend you to anybody Thanks again

Natalie Dickinson Natalie Dickinson
Only 3 minors
Thank you again. I sorted my insurance & went for a drive... Weirdest thing ever I will recommend you to anyone I hear is looking for an instructor Brilliant

Riccardo GallanteeRiccardo Gallantee
Only 3 minors
Thank you Daren You have been a great instructor, will definitely give your name to any person that's asks me for a driving instructor! Best wishes.

Lucy Scott Lucy Scott
Well what can I say
Well.. what can I say? Daren is amazing! When I was 17 I started doing 1 hour lessons once a week with a different instructor but didn't get very far with him. Then I ended up having children and putting my licence on hold. Me and my husband were talking about getting our licences to better our family life. We started looking around at instructors but couldn't decide. It was only because one day on one of my many bus trips I spotted Daren, he was driving past the bus stop I was waiting at and for some reason he just stood out. I told my husband to have a look at his website so he did. My husband went for a lesson first with him as he previously done lessons as well with a different instructor. As soon as my husband came back from the first lesson we knew we had the perfect person to help us both pass our driving tests. We both done a 15 hours intense course and I must say, that is so much better then doing weekly lessons! I enjoyed driving around with Daren. He makes you feel relaxed and makes you enjoy driving. You have a great old chat with him and just drive. He is just an all round great guy! My husband passed his test in February and I passed my test in September. Daren has the patience of a saint! You can 'fluff' (as we called it) a manoeuvre up and he will just brush it off and tell you to try again. We recommend Daren to anyone who wants to have lessons! Daren is a real credit to the LDC company and I am really going to miss driving him about

Frank TonjesFrank Tonjes
When I realised that I needed to get my driver's license and started looking for an instructor, I was worried that the level of instruction would be for beginners only. As I did a lot of driving in the military as well as in the countries I lived in before arriving in the UK 11 years ago I had quite a lot of experience already and thought the best way was to spend dedicated time with an instructor and brush up on my skills before taking the test. I ended up purchasing the 'Test Booster Course'.

Daren was very flexible and was always happy to accommodate me as much as possible regarding the schedule and other aspects such as asking questions and how I wanted to focus on the different training. From the word go, he was able to access my level of driving and work from there. He was also very quick to work out a schedule and focused on the areas that I needed work on. One thing I appreciated was the attention to detail and was surprised at how much he referred to the provided literature with accuracy. It's always good to have the information that the instructor is using to be the same as the information provided in the accompanying DVD and workbook.

Daren has all the qualities one would expect from a professional driving instructor and you gain a sense of his passion from how he instructs. He was patient and professional at all times and never lost his cool. It was also a pleasure to be able to have good conversation with him during the training - and not have to endure long periods of silence as one often thinks training like this ends up being! I would definitely recommend Daren if you are planning to take lessons as I doubt I would have passed the first time without his instruction.